Sunday, December 12, 2010

Preparation for Assessment:

Preparation for the assessment:
-we will be running the assessment either inside or outside.
If we run the assessment outside be prepared for 45-55 degree weather. A sweatshirt would be a good idea or a light jacket. You don’t necessarily want to bundle up too much because as your walking you will be get hot and start to sweat and then while you are waiting for your partner the sweat will just be sitting on your body and could cause you to get sick. So make sure that you are warm enough but again do not necessarily pack on the layers.  Also make sure that you are not restricted my your clothing.  You need to be able to move your arms and your legs freely.
If we are performing the assessment inside. The weather will not be a factor. Again you do not want to wear restrictive clothing because you will be waking at a brisk pace and your arms and legs need to move freely.
In preparation for this assessment you might want to walk laps on the track to get used to pacing yourself and the distance. You can start of small or slow and work your way up.

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